Gratitude and the Expectation of God’s Goodness

Here are statements of gratitude shared by some of our members.

God has been very good to my family and me. I’m extremely grateful.  I’ve kept a log over the years of quick or significant healings through prayer as taught in Christian Science. Today I wrote my 175 entry into the log (regarding a chronically delinquent tenant that chose to move out). Prayer has healed many serious health problems, financial difficulties, and rocky relationships. God is good.


Psalm 100- Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands.

I want to thank Christian Science for the spiritual knowledge of God I have gained by knowing this Science of the Christ. I was healed from a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in 1977, through all the joys and the tears, the struggles and the triumphs, I thank the Great I Am that I am always learning about. God is the life of us all and that should be enough to be grateful for everyday.


I am grateful to know that “to be spiritually minded is life and peace” (Romans), so I can always improve my experience by improving my thinking. It’s comforting to know that, no matter what the challenge is, God’s universal law of good is in operation.


I so appreciate the closing statement in the Thanksgiving Bible Lesson, from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, it states: let us rejoice that we are subject to the divine “powers that be.”

Earlier this year I gave a testimony regarding this statement and how it gives us an expectation for good, a reminder that God’s goodness is always present. I spoke of my gratitude for my children, having this understanding and expectation and demonstrating it. We know that we can rely on God/good to guide us in any challenge. Among my many blessings this past year was divine Principle at work guiding me out of a sense of chaos and anxiety. I am so grateful to know that we are citizens of God’s kingdom where we are subject to divine Principle, God’s love and goodness are always present and all powerful. This acknowledgement brings me peace for the days ahead.


I am so grateful for the many healings I have experienced through the practice of Christian Science. Knowing that God’s goodness is always available has been comforting to me in times of sickness, relationship struggles and financial issues. Whatever the need seems to be, I know I can expect God to meet that need. I am also very grateful for Mary Baker Eddy and her perseverance in giving Christian Science to the world. Through all her struggles and tribulations she never gave up. What a blessing!




Why Am I A Christian Scientist and Why Do I Attend This Church?

Thoughts shared by participants in our church to the question: “Why Am I A Christian Scientist and Why Do I Attend This Church?”

Aside from being brought up in the church, I’ve come to value Christian Science as an important part of my life.

I find that the time I spend at church throughout the week really helps to refresh me and keep me on the right track in life.

Carson Sunday School student

I am a Christian Scientist because Christian Science gives me a framework from which to structure my thinking. The more my thoughts rest on what is good and true about God, myself, and my neighbors, the more I experience happiness and health.

I love coming to church because it’s inspiring, encouraging and supportive to hear how others are experiencing healing in their lives through their increasing understanding of God.

Wendy – Church Member

I am a Christian Scientist because I have had consistent demonstrations throughout my life by using Christian Science. Growing up in it, I can’t imagine what my life would be like without having Christian Science to turn to. It is a Comforter to me in any situation, and I work through most of my problems with it. Most of my closest friends are Christian Scientists as well, and I love having a constant, loving support system if I ever need anything.

I love coming to church because it is like my family. I have grown up in the same church most of my life, and have become really close with lots of people there. When I come home from college, going to church is what I look forward to the most because it is like going back home and seeing my family. Not only that, but I get inspired every time I come, whether it be Sunday School or Wednesday testimony meetings. It’s always a nice refresher throughout the week.

Logan Sunday School student

As a lifelong Christian Scientist I have witnessed many healings of various physical ailments as well as healings in relationships, finances and employment. Christian Science is a proven and practical method of healing and the more I apply the principles in my life, the more peaceful and harmonious my life is.

The most important reason I attend this church is because of the great sense of love and friendship I feel when I’m there. Our church is like a family, that is supportive, caring, giving and always there when you have a need. The Wednesday night testimony service is a wonderful opportunity to hear how others are using Christian Science in their daily lives and so many times, hearing how they have used Christian Science to heal a situation, has helped me with a problem I am working on. I feel truly blessed to have Christian Science and this wonderful church in my life.

Mysie – Church Member

Through my study and practice of Christian Science I find blessings in all that I do. I truly understand that I go forth each day to bring joy and in the process am blessed. Each Wednesday Christian Science churches around the world hold services which gives us the opportunity to recognize our blessings also known as healings. People speak/testify to the proof of God and the Christ in their lives which causes me to see or remember how this is true in my life. I walk away with this huge wave of Love buoying me up and bringing me joy to see what is next.

I love coming to church because it’s like a weekly family reunion. We are an active group, engaged in our community, from kids participating in sports and the arts to adults working and volunteering in a variety of capacities. We have great diversity in interests and strengths and it’s fun to hear about everyone’s activities and challenges that are met with success. We are a family that is able to support each other and our cause, bringing blessings to our community.

Jennie Church Member